Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project 365

Hello all. Sad to say since my journey started last year, I stopped exercising, stopped eating right, gained back all of the weight I lost plus 10 pounds. I tipped the scale to the tune of 300 pounds. That said, I decided to get back on the bandwagon and start again... with a new approach and a new way to achieve my goals. I'm going to start slow, continue slow, and finish strong. I have discovered if I rush myself or try to adhere to someone else's way of losing weight, I lose motivation... so I'm going to do it my way... and I've got a feeling it might take longer to lose the weight, but if it's something I can stick with for life, I'd rather have it take time and be permanent than to lose rapidly and crash again. I made that mistake once, not going to do it again.

I have started small already, but really going to have this project take flight January 1, 2012. Twenty-twelve will be MY year for change... for excellent change. I have had a lot of obstacles in my way this year making it difficult to focus on ME.... and though not all of the obstacles have resolved themselves, I have a better handle on them.
So... wish me luck.... join me if you like... and make 2012 the year for YOU.